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A Guide to "How to Find and Choose the Right School Environment"
What are the school's standards? Are they high enough?
The school’s content standards describe what the students should know and be able to do at each level and the performance standards show how well students have learned what they are supposed to learn.

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By having standards the schools send the message that all students are expected to gain certain knowledge and skills. Standards mean that schools will not expect more of some students and less of others.

Read your school profile to help you understand the standards of the school and what is to be expected. Read your school contract to learn what your responsibilities are for helping your child meet the standards.

At North Garland Montessori School our standards are so high that many parents think we are too strict. The children at North Garland Montessori School are taught to be polite. They are not allowed to be physical with one another (no hitting, biting, kicking, etc.), and they are not allowed to say bad words or call each other names. For example, if a child calls someone stupid, that child may be sent home for up to 3 days. The children are taught to have good ethics, they are taught not to lie.

NEVER EVER RUSH into choosing a school for your child before you physically see the school in action.
The best time to see any school you are considering is around 9:00-9:30am. This is the best time to see the children’s activities and interactions of the teachers with the children.

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This will be the environment your child will be in for sometimes up to 10 hours per day, 5 days a week. Check as many schools as possible, at least check 3 to 5 schools, to find an environment that meets your expectations and that your child would fit into.

We, at North Garland Montessori School, encourage all parents to visit many other schools. We believe that the parents should have the opportunity to compare and determine which school they are the most comfortable with. After all, these are the people who will be caring for most precious treasure, your child.

Take a look at each classroom to discover what type of learning activities are presented to the children.
Observe the children’s activities and the teacher’s actions in the classroom that your child will be in. Are children focused on their work? Are they working as a team? Is there chaos in the classroom or is it calm?

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How does the school encourage and monitor the child’s progress toward meeting the grade-level standards? Is the child’s work displayed and does it seem appropriate for the grade level/age of the child? Do the classrooms look cheerful?

We, at North Garland Montessori School, pride ourselves in having a clean and well organized environment; even the children participate in keeping their classroom clean and organized. Since the children at North Garland Montessori School are working at their own level at their own rate of speed, they are not becoming bored with work that is too easy and they are not being over whelmed with work that they are not academically ready for. The more advanced children are also building their own self-confidence and self-esteem by helping the younger children.

We strive to give the children the very best educational opportunity possible. We are confident that we make learning an exciting time for the children. As Maria Montessori said, “One test of the correctness of the educational procedure is the happiness of the child.”

How much and what do the children know based on their age?
Do they know more than children of the same age, or do they know less? Ask questions about the children who are in the class, ask about the length of time the child has been in the school, ask the age of the child and ask what level the child is working on.

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The children at North Garland Montessori School are promoted to the higher grade level based on their knowledge, not their age. Children as young as 4 ˝ are working in our Elementary level class. The majority of children who leave us after completing the kindergarten level are accepted into the magnet schools and gifted and talented programs and some have been placed in grade levels higher than their age.

Talk, talk, talk to parents at each school. Get to know them, ask questions.
It is important that you talk to as many parents as possible. Ask them about their own personal experience with that school. This will give you the opportunity to learn if these are the group of people you want your child surrounded with on a daily basis. It is important that you talk to as many parents as possible.

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Ask them about their own personal experience with that school. Get to know them, the character of the parents will reflect in their children.

Some schools may not like for parents to socialize together but at North Garland Montessori School, we encourage you to meet our other parents and to get to know them. We encourage our parents to socialize with each other, and many of them do just that. We are like one big family, teachers, children and parents.

As a concerned and loving parent, you are very protective and careful when it comes to your child. You do not want to expose your child to anything that would harm your child and you do not want your child to hear bad words or learn undesirable habits.

Think about this: If a child from your own neighborhood that you have never met and whose parents you do not know, comes to your door and asks to come into your home and play with your child, the chances are that you would not allow the child to come in and play with your child since you do not know the parents or anything about their family values. Now if this is the case, why do so many parents take their children and put them in a place with other children that they have never met, they don’t know who the parents are, and they know nothing about the environment the child lives in, along with many other factors; where the child is being supervised by someone who is known as ‘teacher’ and you do not even know if that person is truly qualified to adequately supervise children or not? When you, the parent, could not feel comfortable with one child from your own neighborhood, at your own house under your own supervision, how can you be comfortable with sometimes up to 100 or more children being with your child under some one else’s supervision? Where does the logic come into play in this decision?

What about when you take your child to a park; would you allow your child to play with any child on the playground? Again, if you are like most parents, you probably would not. Now remember, these are the places that you can see your child in action with others. So how do you justify leaving your child, out of your sight, with children unfamiliar to you?

We, at North Garland Montessori School, are not looking for children, instead we are looking for cooperative and sincere parents; parents who are searching for a safe environment, a well-educated teaching staff and a family-like atmosphere. Once your child is enrolled at North Garland Montessori School you can feel assured that your child will be in good company in an environment that is clean, organized and safe, where your child will experience the friendship, appreciation and positive encouragement that he/she needs to help him/her grow into a happy, healthy and considerate individual.

"Come and see our happy, disciplined, educated, respectful and respectable children for yourself. You won't believe you eyes."

Talk to teachers at each school. Do the teachers work well together as a team or does there seem to be tension in the group?
Children can sense when there is tension versus harmony between the teachers. Especially talk to the teacher of the classroom that your child will be in.

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Ask questions and notice the body language of the teacher as well as the words they are speaking and the grammar they are using. Does the teacher appear to be knowledgeable and caring? Do the teachers make you and your child feel welcome?

At North Garland Montessori School, teachers are always ready to meet new parents and even welcome the child into the classroom while the parent is having a tour of the school, no matter how long you may stay during your initial visit. The teachers here work as a team and the atmosphere at the school is calm, no tension between the teachers exists. The children sense this calmness and in return, they too, are calm and feel at ease with all the teachers.

How much time are you allotted when you visit the school?
Unfortunately, some schools are becoming a good business opportunity. They are only looking for money and neglecting what is best for the child. Many schools will bring the parents into the office and talk about the tuition and enrollment process without ever meeting the child or asking the parents what they expect from the school.

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At North Garland Montessori School we give you a complete and thorough tour of our school. We discuss what you are looking for in a school and answer any questions you may have. We will devote as much time to you as you want. You are welcome to talk with our teachers and any parents as well. We want to make sure that you, as parents, have nothing to worry about when you leave your child with us.

How long have the teachers been employed at the school?
You should look for a place that has strong, experienced teachers. Does the principal/director seem confident and interested in interacting with the students, teachers and parents?

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At North Garland Montessori School you will find that the director is a major part of the child’s experience at school. Each day when the children are going home, they take their turn to shake hands with the director and have a conversation.

All the lead teachers at North Garland Montessori School are college graduates and the lead teachers in all classrooms, including the toddler class, are Montessori certified. We have some teachers who have been with the school for over 12 years, and others for 10 years.

What do the experts say about the school?
What are the achievements of former students?

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